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Q: How/Where can I get a copy of your FFL for a transfer?
Q: What is required to verify my status as a member of the U.S. Military in order to purchase U.S. Military restricted products?
A: A scanned copy of the front of your U.S. Military ID is required to be faxed to us at 425-988-0299 or e-mailed to us at prior to shipment of the product.

Q: If I live in a state that restricts magazine capacities, can I still purchase them from you?

A: No, due to various state laws, we are unable to sell certain magazines to states that restrict them. We also include LEO and other state/federal government agents who are in states that ban high-capacity magazines in any way.

Q:Does Pantel Tactical sell firearms?

A: We currently sell firearms for physical pickup at storefront location and through our companion website  To purchase a non-semi automatic rifle (bolt or lever action) or shotgun, or rifle and shotgun ammunition you must be at least 18 years old. To purchase a pistol, a frame, semi-automatic rifle, or a receiver, you must be at least 21 years old.  

To purchase any firearm you must be a US citizen, a permanent resident, or, if you are a non-immigrant alien (for example, you have H1B visa), you must have a Washington State Alien Firearm License. If you are not a citizen, you will need your AR number (9 digits) or I9 number to fill out Form 4473, so bring your passport/green card along.

To purchase handguns and receivers you also must be a resident of Washington State. If you have just recently moved into the state, the easiest way to establish your residency is by getting your driver license.

Q:What should I bring with me to purchase a firearm?

A: You are required to have a government-issued photo ID along with your current address. If your photo ID does not show your current address, you must have a secondary government-issued ID that does (CPL, car registration, voter registration) in addition to your drivers license, as long as it shows your current address. If you do not have anything that shows your current address, you can update your drivers license quickly at the WA DOL's website, and the temporary ID issued by email will work for the purposes of purchasing a firearm.

Q: Does Pantel Tactical do out-of-state or in-state (I-594) private transfers?

A: Yes, Pantel Tactical offers as a service the transfer of firearms both out-of-state and in-state private transfers. For out-of-state transfers, we charge $25.00 as an administrative fee per firearm. If the firearm is coming from an out-of-state FFL, we also have to collect a Use Tax based on the value of the firearm and shipping and handling. For in-state transfers, there is a $25.00 administrative fee, and we require that both the buyer and seller be present for the transaction. If a delay occurs while conducting your NICS check, we will maintain possession of the firearms until you receive a "Proceed? or "Deny?. If the transfer is for a pistol and the buyer/transferee does not possess a Washington State Concealed Pistol License (CPL) we will maintain possession of the pistol until your local Police Department/Sheriff completes your NICS check. Your local Police Department or Sheriff has 10 business days to complete your NICS check.

Please ensure that the sending FFL provides a copy of their FFL along with an invoice along with the firearm with at mimimum your contact information (either phone number or email); if the sender does not provide a full invoice one can be emailed to or printed out.

If you are purchasing a firearm from a private party out of state, please ensure that they send a copy of their driver's license along with your contact information.  Do note that if the item is sent through another FFL we are required to collect use tax on the firearm.  


  • PROCEED means that you can pay and take the firearm home with you right away.
  • DELAY means that your case was referred to an investigator for a more close examination that can be done algorithmically or on the spot. Delays are often confused with "waiting periods" - but this is incorrect, we do not have waiting periods in WA state or Federal laws. There is a maximum time (see below) for which you can be delayed, and the firearm can be transferred if NICS did not return the status before the time-out expiration.
  • DENY means that you have been determined ineligible to possess the firearm. Please note that this can only happen if (a) you have supplied an incorrect information on Form 4473, a federal offense for which you can be prosecuted, or (b) you have been misidentified. To appeal a case of misidentification, please refer to this page. Please note that for the reasons of privacy, NICS gives us no information about what caused the DENY response. Only you can get this information. To communicate with NICS, you will need to supply them the NICS Transaction Number (NTN), which we will give you. For the reasons of privacy, we can only give it to you in person.
  • CANCEL - this happens if you are in the US on a non-immigrant visa and have been in the country for less than 60 days.


*For questions regarding the Use Tax, please refer to theWashington State Department of Revenue.

*For questions regarding Initiative 594, please refer to the Department of Licensing Firearms Section, your Local Law Enforcement, orthe bill itself.

Firearms that are not picked up within 30 days will incur a $1/day storage fee; this includes firearms transferred to Pantel Tactical and firearms held due to the purchaser receiving a deny on their background check.  NFA items are only exempt from this fee while the appropriate form is processing; NFA items that have not had a Form 4 started within 30 days of arrival at Pantel Tactical will be subject to the above fee until a Form 4 has been started and any appropriate transfer or storage fees paid.  Storage fees must be paid in full before the firearm will be released.

Items remaining at Pantel Tactical for a period of over 12 months will be considered abandoned property and become property of Pantel Tactical.  Pantel Tactical will make every effort to contact the transferee; the 12 month period begins on the day of the item's arrival.  Pantel Tactical will make every effort to contact purchasers; please ensure all contact information is up to date.  This policy only affects NFA items which have not had any transfer or storage fees paid (if applicable) and have not had a Form 4 started.

Q: Can I buy a firearm online and have it shipped to you?

A: Yes you can, some online distributors will have our FFL already, if they do not please supply them with our FFL which we have uploaded here as this image, and they will know what to do. If you are buying from a private party, please make sure they include a photocopy of their photo ID with the shipment. The photo IDMUSThave their current address.

If and when you do purchase a firearm online, please email us at to let us know where you are purchasing the firearm from, what the firearm model is, and tracking information if available.

Q: Does Pantel Tactical sell National Firearms Act items such as Suppressors, Short-Barreled Rifles, or Any Other Weapons?

A: Yes, Pantel Tactical does sell suppressors, SBRs, and AOWs. Please feel free to come into the store to discuss the purchase of an NFA item. The Transfer fee for NFA Items that are not purchased from Pantel Tactical, but are transferred through us is $50 for each item.